dog feeding ball Epetproduct

Dog Feeding ball

Dog Feeding ball

Dog Feeding ball

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Multipurpose Dog Chew Toy
dog toothbrush/food dispensing
dog ball/training ball

Chewable rubbers in 360 degrees.Effectively cleaning pet's teeth
Double side chewablel rubber.Deeply clean dog's teeth.
2 ways to putfood inside conveniently,better than other similar products
Comes with rope,can be used as a training ball. Enhance the relationship with pets.
The sharp rubber bump is higher and 360 degrees chewable rubber.These
no higher chewable rubber. two different shape rubbers enables bad teeth cleaning function. to clean ifferent position of mouth.
Double side sharp rubber is designedlike human toothbrush, enable to no teeth cleaning design. double side cleaning teeth.
JWA 2 ways to put food inside conveniently:
Method 1: Open the plastic food cover, put hard to put dogs food,inconvenient and inside food by through hole.
Method 2: Put food inside by sharper rubber
decrease interest. directly.
Our food-dispensing ball is made from natural and non-toxic rubber material, which is easy to hard to clean, not healthy, clean pasted dirt. Comes with rope, can be which is bad to dog's health. hanging anywhere directly for airing.
Comes with training rope, increase dog's interest when training. Also can enhance no interaction with dogs. interaction with dogs, whichis more fun.
Our product advantage: Can put more dog food inside,attract dogs in long time. Stop chewing on furniture or shoes.

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