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Smart Dog Food Dispenser

Smart Dog Food Dispenser

smart dog food dispenser

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Smart dog food dispenser.This is a doggy puzzle toy,meanwhile,doggy will have ahigher IQ by using this toy.Spinning food dispensing wheell On the top of the toy, we have a food-dispensing wheelon the track of the toy,we have several spinning granaries,on the top of the granary, we can put doggy food and snacks inside the hole,doggy will push the granary with its pawdoggy's snacks will be spilled out on the slower feeder plate as soon as the granarymatches the food dispensing hole, doggy will get rewards during playtime, this is forholding doggy's attention,meanwhile,doggy will have ahigher IQ.

We can easily put doggy food from the top of the hole,directly easy and convenient for use.Slow feeder bowlWe have the puzzles in the middle of the toy,we can put doggyfood and snacks inside,using it as a doggy slow feeder bowl. By extending feedingtime,protecting doggy's stomach.

Non-slip rubber pads At the bottom of the toy,we have 4 rubber non-slip pads,it will easily stick the toy on the smooth surface,preventing doggies to tip it over duringeating,remove the rubber pads,the toy will not leave marks these.Durable,easy to use The product is made of healthy and eco-friendly Polypropylene (PP), extremelydurable,doggy can use it for long term. Put food easy to wash convenient to use,we can use itdirectly, no need to install it. For the very first time using,the owner should teach the doggy to use itby holding doggy's paw please repeat the steps of rolling the food dispenser box the doggy foodwill be dropped off from it doggy will obsess with it meanwhile,it learned to use it very fast.

Using this smart dog food dispenser in daily life dog will surround happiness and positivevibes,keepdoggies awayy from daily boringganxiety,meanwhile,it will train doggy for higher IQ.

Length:9.84in Width:9.84in Height:2.28in Weight:0.87b

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