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Dog Slow Feeder Toy

Dog Slow Feeder Toy

dog slow feeder toy

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SQUEAKYPETTOY There is a soundingdevice at the bottom of the product.When the dogbitesand plays with this product,it can make a squeak to attract the dog's attention and increase the dog's interest in playing water floating toy .This product can bedirectly thrown into the water when the dogis out for swimming orbathing.Dueto the particularity of the productmaterial, this toy can float on the water,which can effectively distract the dog and make it more time-saving, effortless for the owner to take care of the dog,so the owner has nothing to worry about.

Food dispensing pet toy dog food,diced meat,snacks,etc.can be placeddirectly on the upper part of this product. In the process of fiddle, push, and play withthe toy,the dog can get dog food or snacks through the leaking hole. This productallows the dog to obtain rewards through his own efforts.It not only increases the fun of the toy,but also improves the dog's IQ during playing.

The triangular conical molar bumps are specially designed for cleaning the front teeth of the dog teeth. When the dog uses this toy, the dog will use the incisor to bite this kindof molar bumps.In this process,the dog's incisor will be cleaned ccomprehensively.The daily protection of the dog's incisor will make the dog's front teeth healthier.

The newly designed serrated molar bumps are arranged in different sizes and strengths.According to the dog's chewing habits,dogs will chew this product with molars. And everyserrated molar bump is designed with two bumps. When the dog chews this product,themolar bumps will have greater friction on the molars,which will clean up the calculus and dirt on the molars.

The newly designed pet sharp teeth Icleaning aislel has completely surpassed similarproducts. When the pet bites the product the sharp teeth will enter the Icurved cleaningtankj in the molar aisle,and the pointed molars are arranged in parallel in the cleaningtank will clean the sharp teeth of the pet dog from top to bottom.This product caneffectively remove the dirt from the roots of the sharp teeth to ensure the daily health of the pet dog's oral.

This is a multifunctional dog toy that can be used as a can fully exercise the physical fitness of the pet dog.This toy can bring multipleusing experiences to dogs.
This product is made of upgraded bite-resistant material so that it can resist the long-term biteof pet dogs. But for the health of pets it is recommended that you use it for dogs no more than20-30 minutes a day.Playing with this toy often can relieve pets anxiety and improve pets' IQ.When they are at home, the toy can prevent pets from demolishing their homes and will notdamage homes and clothing.So that the dog can brush its teeth by itself while playing.

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