Cat Tree House 48.82" Indoor Cat Tree, Multi-Level Cat Tree Flat with Scratching Post, Ladder, Plush Toy, Spacious Cat Hole and Large Platform

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This cat tower meets 2 needs with 1 large scratching board ramp, scratching and climbing in one

Our cat climbing frame cat house is a cavernous design, perfect for cats who like to feel safe




Product description: It is a cat's nature to love to climb and scratch. You can't stop it, you can only cater to its nature. Therefore, choosing this cat climbing frame suitable for your cat owner is a must for novice parents. Our multifunctional cat climbing frame is very suitable. As we all know, cats are solitary hunting animals. Cat climbing frames are a large toy for cats. In their behavior, in addition to eating and drinking, they must do every day. And licking fur, looking down on territory, grinding claws, sleeping in the sun, and hunting. And the cat's daily activity needs, our cat climbing frame can meet all of them, so our cat climbing frame is the most suitable for cats' nature!

(Multi-layer platform): No matter what type of cat climbing frame it is, one thing is indispensable - a platform. The advantage of the platform is that it allows cats to rest without obstacles. No matter the size and weight of the baby at home, they can basically sleep peacefully on the platform, without worrying about the cat rolling over and falling off the platform in their sleep. The platform material is made of high-quality particleboard, and is equipped with short plush without any chemical stimulation. The wool is beautiful and smooth in color, full of elasticity, and easy to clean!
(Sisal rope grabbing post) The pillars of the cat climbing frame are wrapped with natural white sisal rope, which is stable and strong. Kittens like to sharpen their claws on it. This is the natural reaction of kittens.
This also protects the expensive furniture in your home to a certain extent.
(hole-shaped design): Our cat climbing frame cat house is a hole-shaped design, which is very suitable for cats who like a sense of security. During the day, you can get into the cat house, which is quiet, dark and hidden, and it is better to sleep in it. Yes.
(Scratchboards are slides): Let your cats scratch as much as they want, or help your kitty or old cat climb it easily - this cat tower serves 2 needs with 1 large scratching ramp, which combines scratching and climbing For one, it really kills two birds with one stone.
(Sufficient entertainment): When you are not at home, the kitten can also have a good time, it is our hanging plush toy, he can accompany your kittens to play and play, and can be better lifted Their activity level, because many middle-aged and elderly cats are prone to depression if they are alone or bored for a long time. This is also a good way to improve their mood and maintain physical and mental health. Hurry up and buy one to try it out!
(Easy installation): Don't worry about not being able to install, we will give you detailed installation instructions, you can implement it according to the above operations, I believe you can complete the installation in less than 30 minutes!
##Tips: 1. Children are not allowed to climb or play with this product 2. Place the cat tree away from wet areas. 3. Put the cat tree in a well-ventilated place after unpacking to release the smell 4. Please see the size picture carefully before purchasing 5. Please allow ±1cm error due to manual measurement
Material: short plush texture, particle board, sisal rope winding
Overall size: 50*41*124(cm)
Gross weight: 13.9kg
Weight: 20kg
Color: light brown
animal type: cat
Scope of application: kittens, senior cats, adult cats
Country of Origin: China