67'' Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower, Kitten Condo House with Scratching Posts, Kitty Play Activity Center, Gray XH

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Color: gray, the overall structure is divided into five layers

Overall size after assembly: 50*50*169cm,
The size of the bottom plate is: 50*50cm
There are two cat dens, the sizes are: 49.5*27.3*24.5cm (the second floor), 27*27*24 (the third floor)

There are 18 columns in total, including:
45cm is 4, the diameter is: 6.5cm, the length of hemp rope is 24cm,
34cm is 3, the diameter is: 6.5cm, the length of the hemp rope is 13cm,
45cm with 3 screws, diameter: 6.5cm,
21cm is 8, the diameter is: 3.6cm,

There are 2 ladders, 3 27*27cm pentagonal shelves, 4 mouse pendants,
4pcs 2cm screws, 24pcs 3.5cm screws, 4pcs 6cm screws for connecting the top and bottom, 1pcs 6cm screw for fixing the top cat house, 1pc wrench,
The thickness of the board is 1.5cm.