Bone shaped toothbrush for dog

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The exterior is made of high-hardness nylon material,which is bite-resistant.fall-resistant or break-resistant.The inside is made of high-toughness and soft TPR material,which has good effect on cleaning teeth.If the toy is chewed apart by your dog,we'll re-send your dog a brand new one for free (only re-send one time).
Serrated Molar Protrusion:Molar bumps are in different sizes,which has a better effect of molar teeth.Serrated groove design,which cleans tartar more effectively.Serrated molars are a great way to clean the dirt and stones in dog's back teeth.This product is suitable to medium and large dogs in any breeds (includes ferocious dogs).
New design of teeth cleaning aisle,which is effective to clean teeth.
Deep cleaning dog's teeth.Thoroughly clean the dirt and stones on the front of the dog's teeth,to ensure the health of the dog's teeth every minute.
Also can apply dog toothpaste or attractant out of the inner aisle.Crushed puppy food or snacks can be placed in the inner aisle,so that the dog can be used as a food stick.
Playing with this toy regularly will relive dogs'anxiety and improve IQ when they are at home by themselves,preventing destroy from furniture and clothes.It is come true that dogs brush teeth by themselves.