Dog Lick Mat ECOUR 3 Pack Lick MAT for Dogs & Cats Slow Feeders for Boredom & Anxiety Reduction, in Bone, Paw & Round Shape

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About this item3 Shape Design: Different shapes (Bone, Paw & Round) you can use each for different purposes that are perfect for different occasions. These are suitable for certain stressful situations e.g., "Seeing a doctor", "Bathing", "Nail Grooming", "Recovering from Injuries", "Thunderstorms", "Gunshots", "Fireworks" and anything that challenges your Pet. Safe Food Grade Silicon Material: Pets are our best companions so their health is most important. Each of our licking mats for dogs is made using safe food-grade silicone that makes it highly durable and freeze-free. Super Strong Suction: Our lick pads feature strong suction cups to keep them secure and in place during use. Simply stick it to your bathtub or shower wall and your pet will be busy while you can easily lather and rinse. It makes doggie bath time and grooming much easier. No falling or slipping for this peanut butter mat for dogs & cats! This sturdy puppy lick mat was made with super-strong suctions that hold against the tile, porcelain, wood, or glass surface. Dental Health: It improves the dental health of your pets, scrapes food particles and odor-causing bacteria off your pet’s tongue, promoting healthier teeth, gums & fresher breath.Slow Feeder, Anxiety & Boredom Reducer: Food settles down in the mat and drastically slows down the feeding time & prolongs food enjoyment. Hence, different grooves on mats make a cuddling impact on your pet’s tongue and reduce their anxiety, and transform 'hyper pets into happy pets'.Easy To Use & Clean: Just sprinkle peanut butter, pumpkin, yogurt, or their favorite treats on the dog’s & cat's slow feeder food mat, you can let your pets enjoy the time of food. The material of the dog lick treat mat is dishwasher or hot soapy water can easily clean up the residual food from feeding wet food mat for dogs. Expression Of Love (Gift Idea): ECOUR is not only a lick mat but an expression of love from your heart core. It’s an excellent gift idea for pets. We provide considerate after-sales services for dog toys slow feeders lick mats.