Cat Tree House Cat Tree Cat Tower 69" Indoor Multistory Cat Tree, Cat Condo with Hammock and sisal Covered Scratch Post, Cat Climbing Frame and Toys for Play Breaks for Larger Cats

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This cat tree meets all your cat's needs for playing, climbing, scratching and relaxing

Our cat tree is made of high quality short pile material, made of chipboard and the scratching posts are all wrapped with sisal rope




Product description: Our cat tree is made of high-quality short plush material, using particle board, and the grab posts are all wrapped with sisal rope. Give your cat a soft and comfortable touch on their estate. Soft and comfortable habitat, spacious house, sisal scratching posts, multi-level design, hanging multiple plush balls will give your kitty lots of space to relax and have fun. They can watch from their perches, nap in the room, jump up and down, and play with toys. This cat house is big enough for your big cat and fun enough for your little one! Sturdy construction, balanced design and sturdy base keep your cat safe and having fun with this cat rack.
Features: (The overall structure of the cat stand): Our multi-layer cat tree, the bottom is a large platform, you can walk under it when you are free, soothing and exercising. Above that is the cat's favorite hammock, stable and sturdy, a great place to spend lazy mornings or afternoon naps. The third floor is the cat house for kittens. It can be said that this is the safest place for kittens. The spacious cat apartment provides enough resting space. When it is time to take a nap, the soft plush fabric makes naps comfortable and warm. The large platforms on the 3rd and 4th floors let you not worry about not having a resting space for your big fat cat, and the hanging toy ball on the top can also provide a wide play space for small cats! Stimulate the cat to hit and scratch the toy ball, you don't have to hold the cat teaser for a long time, and you can still enjoy watching cats play. The hanging toys are also made of multiple plush balls without bells, which can keep you a quiet environment, reduce noise and let them play happily!
(Premium quality) Safety always comes first. We thickened the bottom plate of the cat tree to ensure its stability. This is the perfect place for your cat to hop around. Whether you are jumping up and down, or lying on the platform to catch a lob, you don't have to worry about safety hazards. The big platform at the top is also one of the cats’ favorites, where they can gaze from afar, enjoy different scenery, and fully enjoy their private space.
(Two birds with one stone): Kittens provide enough rest. Kittens can lie in secluded warm apartments where they can play hide and seek. This cat tree meets all of a cat's play, climbing, scratching and relaxing needs.
(Easy to install); Comes with detailed instructions, quick and easy installation, fits in any room corner, while adding extra taste with its classic color options, perfect for large, medium and small cats
(Warm reminder): 1. Put the cat tree away from the wet area. 2. Put the cat tree on a flat floor near the corner of the wall 3. Regularly check the tightness of the screws to ensure safe use 4. After unpacking, put the cat tree in a well-ventilated place to release the smell 5. Due to manual measurement, please Allow ±1cm error
This will be a fun and safe environment for your feline friends to play and rest in and they will love it!
color: grey
Material: short plush sisal rope particle board
Overall size: 49*49*177(cm)
Base size: 49*49cm
Hanging ball size: 14cm
Gross Weight: 45.1 lbs
Weight: 20kg
Country of Origin: China