Cat Tree House Cat Tree Multi-Level Large, with Sisal Covered Scratching Post, Removable Hammock, Slide and Two Large Platforms, Suitable for Large Cats, Grey

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We are suitable for large cats as our width and size are much larger than the average cat carrier.

If you have a lot of cats in your house, you need to let each cat have a place to stay, so as to avoid family disputes, you can consider our cat rack.

Our ropes are a natural light brown colour, most of them are dyed with chemicals, so don't worry, our products are harmless and environmentally friendly.




Product description: This is a shelf specially designed for cats, and it has become a fashionable pet product today. Choose a small paradise for cats according to the number of cats in your home. This is suitable for large cats because of the size of our width. They are much larger than ordinary cat racks. If you have a lot of cats in your home, you need to let each cat have a place to stay to avoid family disputes. You can consider our cat rack. A good cat stand is not only an exclusive amusement park and comfortable residence for cats, but also adds a lot of convenience to your pet life.
Cat tray: We use thickened particle board, which is very sturdy. Two adult cats climb on a cat tray at the same time, and it will not deform or bend.
Sisal grab post: Our rope is pure natural light brown, and most of them are dyed with chemicals on the market now, so don't worry, our products are harmless and environmentally friendly. After years of experiments, it has been proved that cats especially like to sharpen their cute claws on the poles wrapped with hemp rope, which more effectively solves the problem of your furniture being easily damaged.
Toy Balls: A toy ball hanging from the cat apartment will add extra fun to your cat. You can remove it or replace it with another toy.
Hammock Design: The hammock has four lengths of rope and four corner hooks for easy installation and removal. When the kitten is tired from playing, you can take a nap and rest here, and the comfort makes the cat's sleeping posture changeable. You can have a good time with your friends while having fun!
Easy to install: The overall size of the cat tree is 51*51*172cm, suitable for all large/medium/small cats. The cat climbing frame package contains detailed installation instructions, please do not install blindly.
(Slide): It is very suitable for families with multiple cats. Our large cat rack can meet your many requirements. We have designed a slide on the top, which can better cultivate the climbing ability of the kitten, and itself Kittens just love to scratch, which keeps them from ruining your luxury furniture.
(Large platform): We have two large platforms respectively, which can be used by multiple kittens. The kittens can watch the scenery and small animals outside the window on it, so that it can be less lonely and can interact with things outside.
Keep cat trees away from wet areas
Please follow the instructions for installation to avoid unnecessary trouble
It is recommended to place it by the window and against the wall
Specifications: Fabric: The outer material is short plush texture, the inner material is particleboard, the grab post is formed by winding light brown sisal rope
Overall size: 51*51*172(cm)
Slide size: 18.5*53.(cm)
Color: brown (subject to the picture)
Country of Origin: China
Advantages: 1. The sisal rope is wound, thickened for support, to avoid shaking
2. High quality material guarantees good quality, stability and safety
3. Provide entertainment space for cats
4. A cool pet tool that cats love
The package includes:
1 x cat climbing tree
1 x Screw Pack
1 x Installation Instructions