Best cat Tree GIVENUSMYF Floor standing 4 level platform cat tree, tower structure cat climbing toy height adjustable, indoor climbing activity centre for kittens Black

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Product description: Our specially designed pet amusement park offers so many fun activities for your cat, with four large platforms for them to bask in the sun and nap. It can cultivate the character and activity of the kitten, which can be spent all day on it, resting, exercising, playing and many other game opportunities. Our cat towers with scratching posts also provide a way for your cat to use their claws to climb, like in the outdoor jungle, as a climber, to use up enough strength to find food, It's also a great way to keep them away from expensive and luxurious furniture and other furniture in your home. Let our GIVENUSMYF cat tree let your cat enjoy life to the fullest!feature: (Solid and Safe): Stability always comes first! Sturdy base and ceiling connectors Telescoping poles provide extra stability for your pets, high-quality plastic pieces, paper tube grab posts and reinforced particleboard, cat towers also help prevent your cat from damaging household furniture, hurry up and buy one for home Let the cat have a good time! (The shape of the tree): Our design is relatively simple, and it looks like a tree from a distance. We have fully combined the living habits of cats to create this product. Kittens have liked to climb trees since they were young. Activities at high places are very safe for them, and it is a way of self-protection. Our cat tree with a height of 230cm can meet the inner needs of cats. It was the safest place for him, and the happiest place. (Easy to Assemble): The pillars of the cat tower are made of paper tubes. The outer layer of the column is wrapped in non-woven carpet. Cats can sharpen their claws easily and are easy to clean. This cat furniture comes with detailed instructions for quick and easy installation, or contact us and we can teach you how to do it and give you an electronic version of the installation instructions! (Adjustable height): The unique design of our cat tree is that the height of our cat tree can be adjusted. freedom. We use telescopic poles made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic to give cats a happy playtime! (Suitable for placement): You can put this black cat tree in any corner of your home, because its color is relatively simple, it will be easily integrated into your home without being dazzling.Specification: Material: telescopic rod made of polycarbonate plastic, the fabric is non-woven carpet, particle board Colour: Black Overall size: 43*27*280(cm) Base size: 43*27cm Gross weight: 10kg Weight: 20kg Brand: GIVENUSMYF Country of Origin: China1*cat tree 1*installation tool 1*installation manual