Cat Tree House Three-Storey Indoor Cat Climbing Frame, Condominium for Cats with Cat House, Scraping Bar and Hanging Ball, Cat Ring

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Entertaining space for cats

The scratching posts we have covered with natural sisal rope wraps, they will not only be fun for your kitten but will also protect your furniture from their claws

The flat is stable at the bottom and the resting platform in the middle and at the top allows the cat to gaze from afar




If you are a cat lover, our innovative cat tree is perfect for your cat. We have a three tiered cat tree tower which gives your cat plenty of space to play when you are too busy to take care of them, and we have a fun hanging ball toy to keep them entertained. When kittens are tired, a comfortable perch provides plenty of space for them to stretch out or take a nap. If you have a cat-loving friend, you can also buy this as a New Year's gift for their cat, and your furry friend will be very grateful for the new gift. Cats have a natural urge to sharpen and condition their nails by scraping and removing dead layers, so you can place the tree in a corner or safely against a wall for added security! And it will prevent your meow friend from scratching your beloved wooden furniture. With this cat tree flat, your kitten can enjoy a very happy day in the tree.

[Sturdy and Stable]This 3-layer cat tree is made of particle board, plush, sisal rope. The chosen material is sturdy and comfortable enough to sleep and play. Your cute cat will love it. This plush cat tree is generally good for 2-3 small to medium cats. Even better, we recommend that you measure your cat's size and refer to the specifications before ordering.
[Unique Design]The cat hole under the big platform bed can provide a stable cat resting space and an instrumental play space for naughty kittens
[Spacious Cat Apartment]The bottom of the apartment is stable, and the rest platforms in the middle and top allow cats to stare from a distance, looking like a king or queen in high places. Cats can fully enjoy their private space and keep your furniture away from cat claws.
[Grab Posts and Boards]We use 3 grab posts and 2 particle boards evenly distributed on the edge of the tower, we wrap the grab posts with natural sisal rope, they can not only bring fun to your kitty, Also protects your furniture from their claws.
[Material Safety]The high-quality short plush is very comfortable and soft, which is very suitable for the cat's claw to grab the post. We also use a standard safety board to prevent the kitten from being injured during the play.
[Easy Installation]With detailed instructions, it is quick and easy to install, suitable for any room corner, while adding extra taste with its classic color selection, it is perfect for medium-sized kittens.
[The fun of cat rings and toy balls], your cat can also enjoy playing and relaxing without going out. It is a very good and cool pet tool to please cats!
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow ±1cm error.
2. Please place the cat tree on a flat floor, against the corner of the wall.
3. During normal use, please avoid moisture.
4. Please look carefully at the size picture before buying
5. Please lean against the wall
Material: short plush sisal rope particle board
Product size: 31*31*92 (length*width*height)cm
Diameter of sisal column: 30cm
Base size: 31*31cm
Product weight: 4kg
Top viewing platform: 26cm
Color: coffee