Helios Dura-Tough Easy Tension 3M Reflective Pet Leash and Collar

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Brand:Dog Helios


The Helios Dura-Tough Easy Tension 3M Reflective Endurance 2-in-1 Adjustable Dog Collar and Leash features a matching patterned leash and collar. The cabled leash a Tough Nylon and Cotton blend that gives the perfect amount of stretch when pulled. Additionally the Helios Dura-Tough leash features Rubberized attachments at both the Handle area and at the leash attachment area adding to a nice and gentle pull that helps alleviate any stress imposed at the neck area for added comfortability. Features a Gel Foamed handle bar for added comfortability during walks or strolls. Features a Stainless Steel and Titanium embossed swivel hook that easily attaches from the Collar to the Leash capable of withstanding high tug or pull pressure. Get Outdoors with Helios Dog! Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes. SIZING GUIDE: (INCHES) COLLAR CIRCUMFERENCE DIMENSIONS: SMALL: 9.8 - 13.77 MEDIUM: 13.77 - 20.86 LARGE: 16.92 - 26.77 LEASH DIMENSIONS: SMALL: LENGTH: 4 FEET, THICKNESS: 0.59 In MEDIUM: LENGTH: 4 FEET, THICKNESS: 0.78 In LARGE: LENGTH: 4 FEET, THICKNESS: 1.00 In