Multifunctional Cat Toy

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[Multifunctional fun cat toy] This is a multifunctional fun cat toy,which integrates many functions such as track ball,food dispensing turntable and interactive cat stick.It is also a toy to help improve

the intelligence of pets. The design of various functions can better attract the interest of cats to play.

[Track ball toy] The bottom of the toy is a transparent track,the track is put with a plurality of interactive cat ball,the cat can use the cat claw in the track toggle the interactive cat ball,the interactive cat ball will rotate in the circular track, attract the cat's interest in play;When the cat is bored or alone at home,it can relieve the worry of unaccompanied, so that the cat will not damage the family furniture, clothes, etc.

[Puzzle Food Dispensing Turntable Toy] The middle level of the toy is the cat turntable toy,which has the function of leaking food,and the turntable can be rotated under the external force of the cat.Open the transparent top of the turntable and put cat food or snacks inside. As the turntable spins,snacks can slide down to the snack aisle on either side and are given to the cat as a play reward, improve the cat's intelligence. [Multiple funny cat stick design] The top of the toy is designed with a interactive cat stick with spring,and two interactive cat balls are designed on both sides of the middle turntable.The cat can make the turntable rotate by flipping the interactive cat stick.This kind of multiple cat-teasing parts design will bring more and longer time fun to the cat.

[Anti-toppling design] 9.8in Large-size chassis design,with 4 non-slip rubber pads on the bottom.This stable non-slip design,prevents the cat from knocking over the toy when the cat is playing.

[Easy to use] This toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS, strong and durable, and will not be damaged by pets.The use process is simple,and this product can be used for a long time.

Cats often play with this toy, which can increase their happiness and relieve the anxiety of the cat's daily boredom.So that the cat will not have the habit of destroying family furniture, clothing, etc.


Length:9.88in Width:9.88in

Height:6.26in Total weight:13.720Z