Stainless Steel Pet Crate Bowl Removable Cage Hanging Bowls with Bolt Holder for Pets

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This crate bowl is removable for easy clean up, fill up or remove. You can make the plastic bow fixed to the cage and just remove the stainless steel bowl.

This dog feeding bowl attach directly to the cage for easy feeding. Or you can use it as a basic bowl. There is a plastic fixed bowl and metal bowl in one set, you can also separate them into two bowls.

Light and handy stainless steel bowl for dog crate, design for prevent pet knocked the food or water, it is easy to hang not too heavy to cause dog cage deformation.

Loosen the white nut of pet bowl and place the plastic screw part into the gap between two iron wires of your dog crate, tighten the white nut, then finished.

Made of stainless steel inner bowl and plastic outer bowel. The inner bowl size is: Size: 3.9*1.9 inches; it can be used to dog, Puppy, cat, rabbit, a bird bath.





The stainless steel dog bowl is rust resistant, polished with smooth surface, food safe, you can use it storing water and dog food.

Design for prevent pet knocked the food or water.

Can installed on vertical and it will adapt to cages with wire spacing.

Easily attach to dog crates and cat crates fences.

The dog bowl is rust resistant, polished with smooth surface, healthy and safe for food.

Suitable for dog/cat/rabbit/bird/puppy.

How to clean: Just take out of the stainless steel bowl, and clean it by running water. Then put the cleaned dog bowl back to cage.

Material: PP + 304 Stainless Steel

How to install:

Remove the white plastic lock by rotating counterclockwise.

Put the plastic dog bowl on the crate.

Install the plastic dog bowl in the correct position.

Rotate clockwise the white plastic lock and tighten it.

Package including:

1 x Hanging Feeder Bowl