Three Dome Cat Tree XH

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Color: Grey with paw prints
Product size: 50*50*152cm,
Hemp rope diameter: 4mm, particle board thickness: 1.2cm.

The top round cat holder has a diameter of 28cm and a height of 8cm;
The diameter of the two round cat racks down is 32cm and the height is 10cm;
The central square cat litter is 49.5*25*25cm in length, width and height, with two round doors, the diameter of the large circle is 17.5cm, and the diameter of the small circle is 7.5cm;
The middle plate is 49.5cm long and 20cm wide;
The lower square cat litter has a length, width and height of 25*25*25cm, a round door, and a circle diameter of 20cm;
The length of the ladder is 40cm and the width is 20cm;
The diameters of the columns are all 6.5 cm.

The complete set of products includes screw accessories package and full English instruction manual.