Top Entry Litter Box with Perforated Cover and Scoop, New Cat Litter Drawer Cat Toilet Fully Secured Litter Box, Cats Jump in Entry Dome

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The Perfect way to prevent litter scatter and contain spraying. Cleaning is faster, more convenient and safer.

Large top entryway for easy entry and exit. The spacious interior space provides enough space for the medium to large cat allowing cats to move freely.

Small holes on the lid to help remove litter particles from the cat paws.

Top entry door can enter and exit at will, can train the cat's natural beating and increase the fun.

The top entry is equipped with hollow holes. When the cat jumps out from the top, the litter will fall into the litter tray from the hole, no need to worry about cats getting cat litter everywhere.





Cat Litter Basin with Litter Scooper

Material: ABS Plastic

Features: for 5kg pet

Size: 33 x 37.5 x 44.5 cm

Color: Grey

Package Includes:

1x Cat toilet